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Community Projects

  • Rolph Road Elementary School Data Project

    All students were invited to answer questions about their identity and their experiences at the school. Students then worked with me to transform this data into beautiful glass mosaics. Each of the 14 student-created mosaics is both a mathematical representation of school data, and an artistic representation of student visions for the future of the school.

  • Oakwood Village Library Mosaic Tables

    Assistant Artist Jennifer Chin and I, as a lead artist
    engaged with the local community to create a tabletop mosaic
    artwork reflective of the theme “A Common Thread.”
    The first table is a chess board surrounded by colorful hearts
    representing the warm-hearted community. The purple ring
    surrounding it represents the Oakwood Village BIA, which
    continually aims to create a peaceful, supportive, and thriving
    On the second table, four oak tree leaves show the neighbourhood’s
    diversity, with a white ring weaving through the leaves representing
    the Oakwood Village BIA’s goal to foster growth and community

    The Mosaic Tables got Community Engagement Award.

    More info and location of the tables:

    This artwork was created as part of STEPS’ I HeART Main Street initiative, a program
    that engages communities, inspires innovation and transforms Canadian business
    districts through public art.

  • Love from a Distance

    Circles: Glass tile, seashells, marble, mirror over mdo
    Portraits: Acrylic paint over mdo

    This is a collaborative installation with painter Natalie Plociennik, focusing on how COVID has made us recognize what is truly important in our lives.

    Mount Pleasant Village’s support, kindness and love has been outstanding throughout the

    We witnessed you watching out for one another, despite the social distances.
    We miss your vibrant and diverse energy, so we represent you as brightly as we remember. We yearn for our renewing connection to mother earth, so we adorn your circles with spirited seaside gems.